CAD/CAM Materials

We provide the following materials for our dental products:

cad cam material peek juvora

PEEK JUVORA - The Next Generation of Denture Material

JUVORA™ Dental Disc - pure PEEK-OPTIMA® material, with no residual solvent

- Implant supported substructure (Hybrid prostheses)
- Telescopic attachments
- Precision attachments

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cad cam material

Organical Zirconia

- Opaque
- Translucent
- High translucent

cad cam dentistry material

More Materials

- Noritake Katana Multi Zirconia
- Pure Titanium
- Titanium Niobium
- Chr/Co
- PMMA optima
- PMMA clear
- Composite
- Wax
- PEEK optima