Prettau-style Implant Bridge

Prettau Bridge - A Breakthrough in Cosmetic Dental Restoration

Prettau-style Bridge

Prettau-style bridges are milled in Zirconia in full contour or for veneering with porcelain.
Zirconia is the strongest dental material in tooth colour and in comparison with common “Hybrid prostheses” – made in acrylic on milled titanium bars – extremely biocompatible and nonabrasive. It has the highest flexural strength.

Implant supported Zirconia bridges are advantageous because of its anchored support for chewing and prevention of gum and bone loss.

It is the perfect material for restoration with gingiva reconstruction.

Advantages of Prettau-style Zirconia Bridge

- No discolouration or staining of prostheses
- No breaking, chipping or cracking
- Taste neutral, no odour
- Natural aesthetic and life like appearance with veneering
- Predictable long-term success

The Organical Implant Bridge provides advanced function and health, great aesthetics and self-confidence.

Prettau-style Implant Bridge